Name: Travis C Hallmark

Nickname: Half-Wheel Hallmark

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Birthdate: 23-DEC-87

Speciality: Photo Taker

Preferred PSI: 94 Front, 92 Rear

Victories: I was class president in Middle School

Hobbies: Food and Drink

Preferred Taco: El Chilito (BYOT)

Preferred Race: See Above.

Preferred Post-Race Footwear: Nike Flyknit 

Preferred Ride Food: Cheese Crackers and a Pickle

Preferred Drink: Short Americano

Preferred Foreign Film: Hunt for the Wilder People

Preferred Knot: Boa

Preferred Oyster: Rose Fizz

Preferred Shower Beer: Blue Owl Brewing Spirit Animal 

Preferred Pizzeria: South Side Pies (Deep down i prefer Chicago style, but they won't let me say that on this team)