We at Team Yacht Club prides ourselves on our eclectic group of riders with different skillsets and practices.

MAtt DeMartino.jpg

MAtt DEmartino

Matt is a loud mouth idiot with a gold bike. 


Gary Rothera

Also known for his knitting, Garry Rothera is a sweetheart with two pooches and a kid-like love for bicycles.

Jordan Parker-2.jpg

Jordan PArker

Model and beauty queen of the team, Jordan prides himself on his love for cider.

Driveway_May 25-44.jpg

Corey Bounds

Corey is a happy-go-lucky character with a love for dancing on bars and shower beers.

Driveway_May 25-45.jpg

IsAac Goodwin

Known for having the coolest bikes, hands down.

DEvin PArker.jpg

Devin Parker 

Internet troll but still loved. Devin is critically acclaimed for his accomplishments in mountain biking and Instagram start-ups.


Matt Thompson


Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

Karla Gendler

The one and only lady of TYC but is a master of the ultra distance bike races. And ultra sweet.


Tyler Nutter

Moved to California to get away from us. Rides fire roads. #ornot


Kyle Johnson

Hair so luscious it makes Kenny G jealous. Kyle also moved to get away from us, but uses the excuse that he wanted more snow.


Addrian A.

He rides bikes.

travis profile pic.jpg

Travis Hallmark

Can be found "chasing the Classics.*"

* Travis is not certain about what "chasing the Classics" means.