Name: Chris Chou

Nickname: ASIAN TOM CRUISE aka Chousen One

Birthplace: Washington, D.C. aka "The District"

Birthdate: 9-Dec-87

Preferred Disciplines: Track, Cyclocross, XC MTB

Speciality: Beer Drinking, great hair

Preferred PSI: 160

Hobbies: Cats, Instagram, Irish chicks

Preferred Taco: Orange Chicken

Preferred Race: 2014 Fort Davis Hammerfest Men's Cat 5

Preferred Post-Race Footwear: Vans

Preferred Drink: Wheat beers or a Manhattan if you're gettin' fancy

Boxers or Briefs: None

Blondes or Brunettes: I don't discriminate

Preferred Shower Beer: Coors Heavy

Starting Grid Pump Up Jam: Juicy J and a Juicy J

Preferred Pizza: Yes

Preferred Place to Summer: Vancouver, British Columbia