Name: Matt Thompson

Nickname: Matt, other Matt?

Birthplace: San Antonio, TX

Birthdate: 24–Dec–86

Speciality: Design/Creative

Victories: Little League Baseball (Majors) Champion 1997, 24 – 0 team season record.

Preferred PSI: 24 – 30 // 80 – 110

Hobbies: Playing in a band that does not play.

Preferred Taco: Most

Preferred Pizza: Most

Preferred Burger: The less fast-food kinds you can eat, but also Whataburger

Preferred Drink: Water, Coffee, Topo Chico, Mexican Coke

Preferred Taylor Swift Song: Her Ryan Adams covers are interesting takes.

Preferred Post-Race Footwear: Vans (hot), Nike Free’s (wet), Red Wings (cold)

Preferred Place to Summer: With friends on bikes, or not, anywhere worldwide.

Preferred Knot: Carrick Bends, both single and double

Preferred Race: The one with the most turns, cool off camber sections and flows well.

Preferred Pre-Race Music: Late 90’s/Early 00’s Youth Crew Hardcore/A Tribe Called Quest

Favorite Heckle: “Car back!”