Name: Marc Coppedge

Nickname: Choppedge

Birthplace: Stuttgart, Germany

Birthdate: 23-May-1970

Speciality: Rouleur, Sprinter

Preferred PSI: 100 PSI / 7 bar

Victories: 2015 - San Antonio Bike Bash (criterium); 2014 - Driveway Series (Spring and Mid-Summer Mini Series), some odds and ends from canoe and adventure racing during a previous life

Hobbies: Petanque

Preferred Taco: Al Pastor (corn)

Preferred Race: City Limit Signs

Preferred Post-Race Footwear: Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Preferred Ride Food: Nutter Butters, gummi bears, Mexican Coke

Go to Bonk Breaker: Pre-pack turkey and swiss sandwich from the cold case

Preferred Coffee Drink: Espresso Macchiato

Preferred Drink: Red wine, something earthy like a Priorat or Chianti Classico

Preferred Pre-Race Music: Hip hop from the 1990s

Preferred James Bond Film: Casino Royale

Preferred Knot: Trucker's Hitch

Preferred Shower Beer: Racer 5

Preferred Pizza: Italian sausage and peppers