Name: Lori Bergeron 

Nickname: Little one. Smalls. Tiny. You get the picture. 

Birthplace: Crossett, AR

Birthdate: 4-Apr-84

Speciality: Snack maker, mini missile

Preferred PSI: 24 PSI

Hobbies: Rock climbing, cooking, adventuring, Getting lost, and racing with the boys. 

Preferred taco: El primo pastor

Preferred Post-Race Footwear: Cowboy boots

Preferred Drink: Coffee, cab franc

Preferred Bill Murray Movie: Ghostbusters

Preferred Shower Beer: Hitachino White

Preferred Taylor Swift Song: Yes

Preferred Pizza: Italian sausage. Ricotta. mushroom. Basil. Or the "beetza"

Preferred Place to Summer: Portland

Preferred knot: Figure Eight