Name: Karla Gendler

Birthplace: small town, New York

Birthdate: 2-July-1979

Speciality: long road races, time trials

Victories: TX State TT Champion; TX State RR Champion; 3X Valedictorian; map reading contest in the 5th grade

Hobbies: riding bikes, making pizza, baking cookies

Preferred Race: the longer, the better

Preferred Post-Race Footwear: sneakers

Preferred Ride Food: fruit – canned pineapple

Preferred Drink: red wine, preferably of the Pinot Noir variety or bubbly water

Preferred Knot: Δ(t)= t3-t2+t-1+t-1-t-2+t-3

Preferred Shower Beer: Topo Chico

Preferred Pizza: margherita