Name: Jonathan K. Neve

Nickname: Jack

Birthplace: Frisco, TX

Birthdate: 26-Dec-88

Speciality: Climber, Holeshots

Preferred PSI: 78 psi

Hobbies: Vinyl records, geology, sling shots, coffee science with #teamjolene

Preferred Taco: Al Pastor, Pineapple, Cilantro, Onion

Preferred Race: Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville, KY 2013

Preferred Post-Race Footwear: Johnston and Murphy Fielden Wingtip in Italian Calfskin

Preferred Drink: Montelpulciano D'Abruzzo with Brânză de burduf and a baguette.

Preferred Foreign Film: Good Bye Lenin

Preferred Shower Beer: Jester King Provenance

Preferred Taylor Swift Song Covered by Ryan Adams Covered By Father John Misty in the Style of the Velvet Underground: Blank Space

Preferred Calories: Pizza with sausage, Over easy egg, Ricotta, Rosemary

Preferred Ride Food: Figs, dates, pineapples, cashews, coconut. Blend in food processor. Add blueberries, wrap, ride for 7 hours.

Preferred Place to Summer Any Time of Year: Steep singletrack and snowmelt runoff swims in the Rocky Mountains

Preferred Movie about the Moon: Sam Rockwell's Moon

Preferred Supehero: Alana from Saga

Preferred Knot: Valdotain Tresse