Name: Jolene A. Holland

Nickname: #teamjolene, Jo

Birthplace: Omaha, Ne

Birthdate: 23-May-90 (bday twins w Choppage)

Speciality: Doughnut hand ups, making men question masculinity 

Preferred PSI: 30 PSI

Hobbies: Bike camping, coffee drinking, tandem dates with @jkneve

Preferred Taco: Don Chago at Pueblo Viejo on corn 

Preferred Race: Gravel Worlds or anything muddy and sandy

Preferred Pro Braid: Classic right side

Preferred Drink: Manhattan, Heart Coffee

Preferred Wes Anderson Film: Rushmore

Preferred Shower Beer: All Day IPA, Founders

Preferred Pump Up Jams: Dancing on My Own - Robyn, Intro by The XX, Firework - Katy Perry

Preferred Pizza: Arugula, lemon, mozzarella and prosciutto 

Preferred Place to Summer: swimming hole with a rope swing

Preferred Knot: Surgeon's knot

Preferred Ride Food:  Skratch Labs fruit chews, dates, and blueberry/chocolate chip/coconut rice cakes

Heroes: Bill Murray, Annie Clark, Marianne Vos