Name: Daniel J. Curtin, Jr.

Nickname: Curtin, Old Man Curtin

Birthplace: Laredo, TX/damn near Mexico

Birthdate: 22-Aug-73

Specialty: Death Rides, post-bonk threshold intervals, holeshots

Preferred PSI: 22 front, 24 rear

Victories: 2015 Give Me Some Sugar CX (both days 40+ open); 1987 Pacers & Peddlers U15; Honorable Mention, 1987 National Latin Exam (’87 was a good year) and various other podiums.

Hobbies: Collecting art, Death Rides

Preferred Taco: Breakfast

Preferred Race: Cross Vegas

Preferred Post-Race Footwear: Jack Purcells

Preferred Ride Food: Rice Krispy Treats, Topo Chico

Preferred Coffee Drink: ‘mericano

Preferred Drink: Free

Preferred Pre-Race Song: Joy Division’s Dead Souls

Preferred James Bond Film: You Only Live Twice

Preferred Foreign Film: Seven Samurai

Preferred Artist: Joseph Bueys, Warhol (tie)

Preferred Knot: Hangman’s

Preferred Shower Beer: Hops & Grain Brewery’s The One They Call Zoe

Preferred Pizza: Post-Driveway, post-stoop drunken slices on the curb at Homeslice in ATX; Arturo’s in NYC (tie)