Name: Brooke Robinson

Nickname: B

Birthplace: Ft. Worth, TX

Birthdate: 17-Jan-81

Speciality: Road, I think?

Preferred PSI: 107

Hobbies: curating design and things, and runnin’ Goodtype

Preferred Taco: Taco Deli’s Freakin’ Vegan or Don Dario’s Migas Taco

Preferred Drink: The Originator from Juiceland

Preferred 90s Film: Point Break

Preferred Shower Beer: Shiner Blonde

Preferred Ride Food: Tacos, bananas and pickles

Preferred Artist: Nathan Yoder or Aaron Draplin

Preferred Rap Artist: Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Rick Ross 

Preferred Coffee Beverage: All the coffees

Preferred Pizza: Margherita from Home Slice