The four cardinal directions, Four Noble Truths, four chambers of the human heart, four seasons (in most places, Austin notwithstanding), and the Four Seasons (in a lot of places, Austin included). Lou Gehrig and Bobby Orr both wore 4. Taylor Phinney finished fourth in both the road race and time trial at the 2012 Summer Olympics. The Fab Four were a thing, and so were Frankie Valli’s backup band. There are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Japanese word for four is pronounced similarly to the Japanese word for death.

The number 4 has weight. It's storied in popular culture, science, numerology, and in almost every world religion, if those are your things. This year, Team Yacht Club turns 4. And we’re stoked to be here.

Four years ago, a group of friends came together over a shared and growing love for cyclocross. It’s the discipline within our sport that formed the initial bond, and sewed the seeds for bright, floral seasons two and three, which became supplanted by waves most recently, and will be replaced by future kit iterations and inspirations to come.

Yeah, we like our kits. We like looking good, riding hard, and engaging others who share our unquenchable thirst for cycling, and for every layer of its rich, cultured history. Through this new site, we’ll share our stories, our rides and races, and occasionally some other things along the way.

We’re thankful we’ve made it this far, grateful for all of our sponsors and supporters, and excited for this new platform through which to indulge our obsessions.

Here’s to four more years. And to many more beyond.

Thanks for coming aboard.

- M. DeMartino -