Name: Andre Chelliah

Nickname: Baby Chalupa, Andre 2999, Chelalalala, Prolly's Intern, Chris Chou

Birthplace: Singapore City, Singapore

Birthdate: 21-Oct-93

Speciality: Riding slowly, looking good, general encouragement

Preferred PSI: Whatever Tyler Nutter has his tires inflated to.

Victories: 3rd Grade Daffron Elementary Science Fair, some track races

Hobbies: Stringed instruments, Collegiate Intramural domination

Preferred Rice Dish: Spam and an over-easy egg on starchy white rice

Preferred Race: Asian 

Preferred Post-Race Footwear: Nike's or "Chocs and socks"

Preferred Ride Food: Coke, Kolaches, Sushi

Preferred Drink: Topo Chico and bitters

Preferred Foreign Film: 赤壁 

Preferred Taylor Swift Song: "We Are Never Getting Back Together"

Preferred Burger: Clark's

Preferred Shower Ice Cream: Choco Taco or Phish Food

Preferred Pizza: Roll with side of Ranch